“A lot of nonsense is spouted on this subject; Gillian Riley is a writer who always makes sense.”    NIGELLA LAWSON

“I am eating healthier food and less of it. What I like most is the idea of never going on a diet again.”  THE INDEPENDENT

“Immensely interesting and helpful. Empowers those who previously have felt themselves to be the victims of dieting and dietary advice.”  Dr DOROTHY ROWE

“A refreshingly realistic analysis of weight management and food addiction with sound advice… Riley is an excellent debunker of the myths that have grown up around food.”  TIME OUT

“Her way of achieving a healthy lifestyle and junking diets for ever has got to be the only way forward in my life.”  ELLE MAGAZINE

“Gillian’s technique is intelligent and well thought through… I can sense the shift in my thought process and I am no longer grazing from the fridge all night.”  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“I was stunned at Gillian’s theory… it took me almost a year to drop to a size 10, but I’m finding it easy to stay that size.”    ZEST MAGAZINE

Would you like...

  • a sense of freedom, feeling more calm and relaxed around food
  • to enjoy food more, with far less guilt or anxiety
  • to be happy to eat more healthy food
  • to engage in ‘comfort eating’ much less or not at all
  • sustainable long term weight loss
  • no need to diet again
  • to stop binging entirely
  • to eat in a way that’s realistically imperfect, rather than rigid and inflexible
  • to feel and be in control
  • to eat ‘like a normal person’ (in my clients’ own words)
  • to be able to tailor everything to individual needs such as vegan or diabetic
  • to enjoy a completely new way of thinking about food


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The short, easy-read "DITCHING DIETS" is the best introduction to this work.
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