“These webinars have been priceless and precious to me.” – LESLIE C

“A lifetime of eating disorders finally showing a change. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – JEANNE P

“The webinar helped me grasp the concepts more thoroughly than I did by reading the book.” – JANE W

“I have learnt so much in a really supportive environment.” – LINDA D

“It has changed my life in so many ways.” – TINA V

“I am so glad that it’s reasonably priced and affordable; this makes it accessible.” – MARGIE L

“The course has really changed how I am around food.” – ANNIE R

“Awesome job! I honestly would not change a thing.” – MARSHA C

“Thoroughly enjoyed it – I like the way you can look at it later.” – CHRISTINE W

“I’m so grateful for Gillian’s down to earth and practical wisdom on this subject.” – BELINDA W

“I really appreciated how to overcome perfectionism tendencies.” – LUCILLE U

“Thank heavens there’s another way besides restrictions and dieting.” – VAL M

“I’ve stepped off the diet treadmill.” – DIANE J

“I like that I can be a part of the webinar without being visible in it and actively contributing.” – JO A

“I love that it is spread out over a number of weeks so you can tackle each concept separately.” – JILL B

“Thank you for the wonderful webinars and the follow-up sessions.” – ANGIE P

“I thought there was no way out for me apart from dieting, which I was failing at miserably.” CINDY M



I've tried a great many things to get control of this area of my life. I went to a nutritionist, quite a few Overeaters Anonymous meetings, I’ve done the local slimming clubs. I was in therapy for two years, and that wasn’t just about eating but was part of it.

This program with Gillian is completely different and I knew that from the start, so thought it was worth a try, even though I didn’t feel confident in it (or in me).

The results have been amazing, as far as food is concerned I feel like I’ve got a completely different attitude. Something has clicked and things have changed for me, big time, and in a way that feels very real.




These webinars certainly exceeded every one of my expectations. It was invaluable to have Gillian bring it all off the page and link it all together and answer individual questions. I love that you don't have to root out all your childhood hurts, you can tackle addictive overeating head on by seeing it for what it is.

As for the presentation, I found Gillian very warm, welcoming and encouraging. She took everyone's problems very seriously. All I can say is, please carry on doing exactly what you are doing!



I've been familiar with Gillian's work for a while, but was never able to put it all together until this webinar. I loved receiving it all in chunks, which allowed me to process, review and apply new information each week.

Gillian did an excellent job presenting and answering questions via the chat. The pace was perfect, the information comprehensive. I appreciate Gillian's knowledge and references to research. She has a very special way of presenting unfamiliar information in an easy to understand format.

I've always wanted to be at peace with food and eating. This webinar has changed my life! I have been challenged with weight issues for four decades and believed I would be in this struggle all my life.  Not so!  What a gift!  Thanks Gillian!!  Thanks for putting this webinar together!  And it is very affordable!



“It is such a different way of looking at eating and a much healthier and more sustainable way to approach it. I am finding her approach is very doable and I am having success.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“I recommend Gillian’s work to anyone who is tired of trying another diet and wants to find a once and for all solution!” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“The most sensible, wise and compassionate advice I’ve found on how to eat sensibly.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“It is the first time that I feel a sense of peace of mind that fills me with happiness and relief.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“It’s been, quite simply, the making of me. It has changed my life.” ELO Facebook Review

“I wish I had found Gillian and her extraordinary work much earlier.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“Your principles have completely changed my attitude to food in a very positive way. I no longer binge, which I never thought possible.” ELO Review

“Constant craving gone, much less eating between meals, digestion improved, eating less at meals, the food I do eat I enjoy more.” ELO Review

“A year on I’m still a lot more relaxed about food now. If I do choose to, say, have a biscuit, I can stop at one or two and not feel guilty.”  ELO Review

“It’s built on a lot of experience. I liked the engagement and interaction of the exercises, even when I found some of them hard to do.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“I struggled for 40 years with a binge eating problem and your method has been the only thing that has helped me. I was able to stop binge eating in just a few weeks. It was truly life changing and I am so very grateful. It’s been amazing.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review

“It feels more powerful now.” Eating Less Online Facebook Review